Optra Fair 2017
April 5, 2017
In The Rough 2017
July 11, 2017

Giant Robots? We can handle it.

This week we were given the challenge of building a director’s chair that could handle one of the stars of the new Transformers film: The last knight – Bumblebee. This chair was going to be a prominent display at a special presentation for the new film.

A giant task for a giant star that we threw ourselves into, utilising all our abilities to create this unique piece. The manufacturing dept got stuck into the challenge from sketches to woodwork. After a few days of intense building, emerging proud out of the doors, was our giant director’s chair which dwarfed one and all. To finish off the chair we used our printing techniques to place Bumblebees’ name proudly on the seat.

After a few selfies, next to it, we delivered it to the destination.

We are happy to say the chair was such a success, it’s going to be used for an even bigger event now as its main star.

A big well done to everyone involved and a great experience.